Scriptures & Pocket Prayers for Your Journey

Download hundreds of scriptures that relate to your career journey!

A Pocket Prayer from each chapter of The Christian's Career Journey is waiting for you to download and be lifted up!

from Chapter 1:

Where Are You Headed?

from Chapter 2:

Created to Be Called

from Chapter 3: Reconciling Your Master F.I.T. with God's Master Plan
from Chapter 4: Making the Right Career Decision
from Chapter 5: Getting Your Job Search Plan Together
from Chapter 6:

Capturing Your Value with "Smart" Success Stories

from Chapter 7: Communicating Your Value Via a Career Brand
from Chapter 8: The Blueprint for a Masterful Resume
from Chapter 9: Accomplishments: The Linchpin of a Great Resume
from Chapter 10: E-resumes, Cover Letters, and Other Career Marketing Documents
from Chapter 11: Tackling Your Job Search with New Economy Strategies
from Chapter 12: Covering Your Bases with Traditional Search Strategies
from Chapter 13: The Four C's of Interviewing
from Chapter 14: Salary Negotiations: Truths and Tips for Christians in the Marketplace
from Chapter 15: Your New Job Description: 10 Career Commandments
from All Chapters Chapters 1-15 Prayers Compiled


Christian Career Journey
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