Interview Magic

A companion book to the very successful Résumé Magic, Cover Letter Magic, and Job Search Magic. More than an interview how-to, this “career dictionary” holds A-to-Z secrets from America's most trusted career coach. Future-proof your career as you learn to provide value to employers, create a memorable career brand, quadruple your interview opportunities, tap into the most overlooked interview “must,” demonstrate your ability to do the job, and bottom-line the return-on-investment employers will receive for hiring you. In addition, identify your Achilles Heel and maintain a mindset that will increase your confidence, optimism, and success. For the first time, a winning coaching technique is applied to the interview process to help you connect with employers and collaborate on how you can serve their needs. Plus, the innovative “R.O.I.” interviewing technique will ensure that every one of your answers is on target. Whether you're facing a telephone, panel, stress, or behavioral interview, this book will boost your interviewing competency, courage, and confidence.

  • A totally unique approach: Focus on being prepared for any question that might come up.
  • Instructions on finding more job opportunities and landing more interviews.
  • Assessments of your values and goals to prove to employers that you are the best person for the job.
  • Strategies for overcoming any weakness.
  • Tips for turning the interview into a collaborative process rather than an interrogation.
  • Details on the eight different types of interviews and the best approach for each.
  • Before-and-After responses to the most common interview questions—including questions for 20 specific fields.
  • How to assess your personality type and that of your interviewer and find a way to connect.
  • Tips for following up after the interview.
  • Salary-negotiation techniques.
  • How to succeed in your first 90 days on the job and beyond.

Table of Contents

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Sample Pages

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The 10 Types of Interviews

Values of the Four Personality Temperaments

How to Respond to Frequently Asked Questions

How to Respond to 10 Killer Categories of Questions

Additional Industry-Specific Interview Questions

You'll see a few industry-specific questions for more than 30 different fields/professions in the book Interview Magic. Here, you can find additional questions for each field/profession. Enjoy!

Expanded Industry-Specific Questions

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